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What's Inside Your Mother's Day Gift Box??

Let's check out what goodies you have inside!

Hey Mama! If you're here, then chances are you have received a gift box from someone who thinks you're a pretty special Mom.

Shaar's Beauty & Supplies has created a box filled with some tools and supplies for a day of self-pampering or accessories for a night out on the town.

Want to know more about what's inside scroll down to view each product, it's benefits, and what's make each one so special??



Grace + Faith Skincare by Shaar

A skincare line inspired by Shaar's daughters.

These products are all-natural and made with the purpose of healing, restoring, and maintaining healthy beautiful skin for all ages, skin types, and conditions


Hydrate + Treat Trio

Perfect for protecting the skin and maintaining a youthful glow. Use these products daily to combat damage from stress and lifestyle. Pairs perfectly for pampering with Esthemax masks

  • G+F Rosewater: spray for face and body. Perfect for adding hydration to skin on a hot summer day. Rosewater will keep you cool, and can prevent and reverse irritation and damage. Also great to use to soothe eczema and sunburn

  • G+F Vitamin C Serum: super gentle exfoliant it’s safe to use everyday in your AM and PM skincare routine. While fighting UV damage, Vitamin C also known for brightening the skin, you’ll see any blemishes or hyperpigmentation start to fade with regular use. Vitamin C is necessary for cell repair and collagen production creating youthful clear skin

  • G+F O2 Serum: the O2 serum is literally oxygen in a bottle. This serum helps expedite the healing process from damage caused by acne making dull skin caused by stress or smoke look fresh and radiant


Scrub + Butter Duo

  • G+F Rose Coconut Sugar Scrub: a sweet sugar scrub that melts as you massage away dead cells and the dreaded strawberry legs for soft and glowing skin. Use once a week for best results and moisturize immediately after.

  • G+F Whipped Shea Body Butter: the perfect compliment to the Rose Coconut Sugar Scrub for a healthy glow. The shea butter heals and diminishes blemishes while the glycerin hydrates leaving skin supple and smooth



Shaar's Beauty & Supplies has teamed up with Esthemax for skincare professionals to provide professional-grade skincare treatments for results that you can see instantly. These products work great with G+F Hydrate + Treat products

Face Sheet Mask

  • Esthemax Collagen Face Mask: this magical mask will leave your skin looking dewy and breathtaking. Perfect for your weekly exfoliation routine this mask has Shea Butter, Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, and (you guessed it!) Collagen to give you an instant boost of hydration minimizing the appearance of fine lines with just one use!


Hands+ Feet

  • Esthemax Collagen Hand & Feet Mask: the same great magic of the Face Mask but for your hands & feet!


Shaar's Beauty & Supplies

We're more than a skincare or beauty brand. Shaar's Beauty & Supplies mission is to provide everything for your beauty and skincare needs from basic daily self-care to professionally prescribed skincare

Lash + Glue Pen To-Go

  • Lashes: a pair of faux mink lashes to compliment you on your next night out

  • Eyelash Glue Pen: carry in your purse for any lash faux pas on the go

Follow us on Instagram @gracenfaithskincare and Lemon8 @sharberry for more information and updates!

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